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Tech Empire Pvt. Ltd. is a recently developed technology company that deals in desktop and web applications, website design and development, graphics designing, digital marketing and content management. Also, we deal in outsourcing of technical resources and ready to develop a partner vendor relationship with technology companies in other countries.

Our Mission

Our goal is to accelerate our customer’s business growth with innovative design and development to deliver high-quality, market-defining solutions that build value and a reliable competitive advantage for our customers worldwide..

Our Plan

A strategic strategy for the Technology Business is designed to meet the following goals: to rapidly develop and grow the digital product of the organization. Promoting the company's applications to interested population and then foreign investors.

Our Vision

“Each company needs to become digital, no matter what industry you belong to” To provide digitally transformed solution for any problem from every aspect of life to enable stakeholders to have efficiency of time, cost & efforts in their process.


We are a recently developed company in Pakistan and we have recently built a good portfolio for number of companies in UK, Germany, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We can provide you quality and committed work within pricing of a skilled freelance range.

Web Designing

Implementation from PSD to Web with UX experts.

Web Development

End to end web development services in all market required technologies.

Software Development

Working on Top Notch technologies and providing solution for complex requirements.

App Development

Expertise on Android & iOS development.

Graphics Designing

We can create your expectations on the canvas with our UI/UX team.

Software Support Services

Deliver efficient customer support services with on-site and remote maintenance

Digital Marketing

Combine utilization of all the available platform with combination of resources.

Corporate Branding Services

From company profile, brand logo, marketing, sales to product strategy.

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Our Skills

Beyond our skills, our customers and our relationship with them which distinguishes us.


A quick start on the track and looking for more success ahead.






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Our Products

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Inventory Management System

The technology of the solution is Mean Stack and has great potential for integrations with Barcodes, QR Codes and RFID tags

Smart Ledger

SMART Ledger offers a full range of cost-effective bookkeeping services

School Management System

Allows schools to digitally monitor the daily activities along with managing all the resources and information on a single platform.

Apparel Management System

The software comes with features that simplify product manufacturing to finish goods, from catalog management to orders, inventory controls to financial management.

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Transport Management System

It can give a shipper the most benefit, and provide all parties in the supply chain with the infinite strategic capacity.


Professional branding services needed to offer a boost
to the brand identity


We keep up to date with the latest trends in graphic design across the globe and understand its needs as well as the value that we can bring to these trends.

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