Transport Management System

A TMS incorporates the latest technologies to create a one-stop-shop in a simple formula. It can give a shipper the most benefit and provide all parties in the supply chain with the infinite strategic capacity.
Our Transportation management systems have a great impact on the supply chain. It affects every step of the process, including the planning and procurement stage, the logistic procedures, and the management of the entire ecosystem. The extensive visibility that comes from this robust system increases transportation planning and execution efficiency. This boots customer satisfaction, increases sales, and leads to additional growth for the business.

Career contract management

  • Allows to view and compare the contract costs with ease.
  • Real time tracking of terms and agreements
  • Contract alerts when the contract dues
  • Rental contracts records

Work Order Management

  • Land Transportation dispatcher
  • Routing management
  • Bonded transportation report
  • Define the nature of the job and assign accordingly

Job Assignment

  • Maximize the efficiency of fleet management by assigning jobs and best value carriers
  • Job status tracking
  • Tracking availability of fleets

Charges Management

  • Carrier selection for each shipment will take place automatically in a single solution, and the technology will account for best value rates, your business rules, and customer delivery preferences with each order.
  • Easily identify best value carrier and streamline career contracts.

Business Performance

  • This estimate and manages the performance across the supply chain and every step of shipping process
  • Generates reports of different consignment

Frequent Reports

  • Invoicing
  • Contract management
  • Notification alerts
  • Credit line reports
  • Excel exportable invoices and records
  • Dues and over dues notifications

Value Added Features

  • Ability to track and trace shipments from pickup to delivery.
  • Mobile application compatibility
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Smart ledger for financial purposes
  • Capital drawn or deposit records

Vehicle expenses records

  • Depreciation of Vehicles
  • Maintenance charges
  • Turnover
  • Book value and Face value calculator

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